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Adam C. Warren


Born in Queens, New York in 1971, Adam is a first time author. He has three siblings, two brothers and a sister and is a graduate of South West Texas State University, with a BFA in Theater.

Adam co-wrote,co-produced and co-starred in the independent feature film RHINOS. The movie won Best Feature at the 1999 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, as well as the Runner Up Best Feature at the 1998 Flagstaff film festival. It went on to be the “Midnight Movie” at (very new at that time) Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas. Now CEO and Co-Founder of the Advertising Agency, OpenJar Concepts Inc., with partner, Reno Renaldo, Adam still works to find time to be creative. The company often drives attention to charitable causes throughout the community of Temecula, Murrieta and Menifee. Giving back through donations or actions is what drives this author. Adam believes that teaching right from wrong at the earliest possible opportunity of a child’s life is a gift he wanted to use this book to give.

Most important to Adam is his family. He lives in the beautiful community of Temecula, CA with his wife and their two daughters. The girls are why the sensitive topic of bullying was chosen although Adam is no stranger to bullying. As a child, he recalls being chased and even having a rock thrown at his face knocking out one of his front teeth. Both of his girls have dealt with bullying during their academic life and may see more of it before they are done.

Driven by creativity, Adam has tried movie making to music production. The idea of telling a story to children with creatures in various types of clothing is a new frontier for Mr. Warren. He is already dreaming of the next book.

Zack Arnett


When I was little I wanted to be a jet pilot but an eight year old can’t fly a jet so I decided to draw one, and so it began. Comic books were a huge part of my life growing up, they taught me how to imagine and dream in color, I learned that with the right illustration you could tell a tale worth a thousand words. When I got into my teens I started listening to a lot of 90’s hip hop which got me into the explosive culture of graffiti. I fell in love with the playful dimensions and ability to express myself without boundary while allowing the streets to be my gallery.

After a run in with the law, I decided to keep my work on paper. I shifted my focus to music and began producing and performing all over the world, all the while creating art here and there which caught the eye of “A Bear with Pants” author Adam Warren, who reached out and asked if I would illustrate a book him and his children had written, the rest is right in front of you.

Instagram: zackarnettart

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